It’s no secret the people at Westec are why we are one of the most innovative molders in the plastics industry. We have successfully built a culture that revolves around having a strong “Can-Do” attitude. We challenge ourselves to “Find a Way or Make a Way” so we can successfully deliver solutions for our customers, and having this mentality in our culture has helped all of us to think like problem-solvers and consistently look for ways to improve.

Our team members were asked what some of their favorite things were about working at Westec. Their answers truly showcase how great our company’s culture can be for people who care about their careers and want to make a difference in the world of manufacturing.

What’s the best part of working at Westec?

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  • “Working on different parts, such as medical parts. I also like that there are 3 shifts, so you can work as it suits you; and the environment is good.”
  • “Familiar, safe, friendly, and never feels like I am doing a job. Everyone helps each other and talks with respect.”
  • “Working with different departments gives me the opportunity to learn more. The teamwork that’s demonstrated makes it feel like a real family.”
  • “My favorite part of working at Westec is how family-oriented it is. It’s a very safe and comforting environment.”
  • “The challenge of something new every day. I have never been bored.”
  • “A family-like atmosphere, management approachability, seeing the results of your hard work, growth, implementing ideas, developing solutions to problems, and cultivating a shared vision.”

What makes Westec different than other places you’ve worked at?

  • “The sense of family! Many of Westec’s employees have worked here for several years and we all have a bond as we know each other so well.”
  • “There’s good benefits, growing job opportunities, great teamwork, and we never stop learning.”
  • “The employees here work well together as a team and treat you like a family.”
  • “I like the working relationships we have with our foreman. I didn’t have that on the other jobs I had.”
  • “The camaraderie and willingness to help each other is an asset that sets Westec apart from everyone else.”
  • “Excellent customer service, high integrity/reputation, personal relationships with customers, and continuously striving to improve.”
  • “At Westec, we work as a team to perform our best as a whole to keep our standards high. That way our products fulfill their purpose without any concern.”

Why would you recommend Westec to a friend?

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  • “Westec is organized, inclusive, and supportive.”
  • “Westec wants you to grow as a person and as an employee. Several people have started at entry-level positions and worked their way up. Westec has been providing for families for 50+ years.”
  • “Without any doubt, I would recommend Westec because we go to work knowing the products we assemble are making a difference and are meeting the standards they should. We feel trusted by the company and at the end of the day feel accomplished by the work we do.”
  • “Westec has an environment that allows anyone to learn and develop different skills.”
  • “It’s a good job that gives you the opportunity to learn, develop, and improve skills at a professional level. You can continue to grow, innovate, and challenge yourself with every new job.”

Westec’s commitment to providing exceptional service and creating the highest-quality parts begins with our people. We always want to grow with our customers to meet their needs. As a company, we continue to grow our culture while building relationships and partnerships with one another.

Your Concept. Our Expertise. One Partnership.

Interested in joining the amazing and dynamic team at Westec Plastics? Contact us today to fill out an application.