3D Printed Tooling

Mantle’s Metal 3D Printed Tools Make a Huge Impact on the Manufacturing Industry

Mantle, a toolmaking startup in the Bay Area, has developed a new technology that 3D prints metal tooling which can then produce millions of plastic parts. Mantle now has two customers who have adopted its metal 3D printing process to reduce time and labor for their injection molding operations. One of these customers is Westec Plastics.

Here at Westec, we rely on Mantle’s technology to increase our tooling capacity without the need to take on toolmakers, who are both difficult to find and costly to employ. By 3D printing 75-95 percent complete inserts made from P20, H13, or SS tool steel, our existing toolmaking staff can focus on more important tasks, like tool modifications and maintenance.

As we continue to advance this partnership, watch for more updates in the coming months. Click here to read more about Mantle’s innovative metal 3D printing.

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