The Rapid Machine Operator (RMO) Gave Westec Plastics an Affordable Solution to its Labor Issues

Chronic labor shortages in the manufacturing industry were making it harder for Westec Plastics to hire the machine operators they needed to get work done. Automation seemed like the best way to keep their business thriving; however, conventional robots weren’t designed for medium-sized facilities like Westec’s, and cobots were too expensive and inflexible for their high-mix environment.

Rapid Robotics had created an all-in-one cobot, the Rapid Machine Operator (RMO), that turned out to be perfect for Westec’s facility. This cobot was an affordable all-in-one solution that didn’t need training or systems integration. Through using RMOs, Westec has been able to save roughly $60,000 per year with the cobots doing the jobs of three full-time human operators.

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