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At Westec Plastics, we often use the word partnership to describe our relationship with customers. This intentional selection not only aligns with our dedicated focus on quality and customer service but it defines how we value our customers. We strive to develop a connection with our customers, ensuring that they experience a no-nonsense, personable approach. Our goal is straightforward – be a trusted partner with which you can continuously grow. 

Symbiotic Relationships Built Over Five Decades

As a company, we have always believed that having a culture that revolves around having a strong “can-do” spirit is the key to providing our customers with the best solutions possible. We take pride in our ability to live out the “find a way or make a way mentality”. Often after describing a program, customers ask, “Can Westec do this?”, and since our first days, the answer has always been, “Can do.”  

This mentality, and the ability to provide expertise in a growing list of capabilities, is just one piece of the puzzle needed to develop long-term partnerships with a customer. The other aspect that is critical to building a successful, longstanding partnership is trust. A customer has to trust that you will get the job done right, on time, and on budget, every time. However, this level of trust does not develop overnight. While every company can respect the need for a win-win relationship, only a successful project result will produce the trust required for a relationship to thrive. 

Throughout our history, despite many challenges that we have faced as a company, Westec continues to find a way. Our problem-solving attitude combined with being devoted to listening has allowed us to build mutualistic relationships, some that have lasted over 50 years, that allow both companies to grow together. These qualities are one of the contributing factors of our year over year growth since 2012. 

The Meaning Behind “Your Concept. Our Expertise. One Partnership”

The motto of our brand is defined through our effort at every stage. The first stage requires us to listen and learn our customers’ needs and methods. From there, we focus on those requirements and apply the wide range of experience that our team has to help our customers be successful. 

At the heart of this success is a collaboration between companies. We work hard to ensure that our partnership is inclusive, involving everyone needed in the decision-making processes. Central to this is the ability to communicate, as clean, clear team interactions, along with precise group involvement, ensure that there are no gaps in communication within the teams and the customers.

Embracing partnership is more than a motto or a logo; it is a big reason for our success. Without emphasizing the value of partnership, many of the programs awarded to us and business kept for so many years would not be possible. 

Our company motto plays such a large role that when we refreshed our brand’s logo, we found a way to incorporate it. The two colors of the “W” in our logo signifies the partnership that we strive for with our customers and represents the handshake of two companies working together towards the same goal. While handshakes might not be standard for a while, we still want to remind our customers that when you align with us, you work with a multi-faceted and responsive partner that operates with a sense of urgency and accountability within every department.

Westec Plastics’ Competitive Advantage

While there are plenty of other injection molders out there, what separates Westec Plastics from the field is our customization capabilities and our customer-centered focus.

As a custom molder that specializes in delivering solutions for the most complicated plastic injection molding issues, most of our growth has been driven by customer needs and the unique challenges they face. To match our customers’ growth requires us to continue to grow ourselves. From expansion to continuing to hire the best in the industry with a wide range of expertise, Westec Plastics can guide our customers’ projects in the best direction.

Another unique theme offered by Westec is the respectful team that greets every customer request. Our main priority with each of our customers is to build a long-term partnership. This means being very responsive, providing exceptional customer service, and offering multi-faceted technical expertise to solve the toughest challenges.  

At Westec, the key to our success is partnerships. We believe that being an approachable partner, who is accountable for the quality of the parts we make, is the best path to reaching 100% customer satisfaction.

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