Since 1969, Westec Plastics Corporation has set the standard for the custom plastic injection molding industry. With quality and customer service at the forefront of our values, Westec has built a reputation as a trusted partner by living out our motto, “Your Concept. Our Expertise. ONE PARTNERSHIP”. At the core of what sets us apart is our willingness and ability to expand and adapt with our customers. No matter the challenge, our team has the expertise and the experience to deliver quality solutions, the first time, on time, every time.

Beginning of Clean Rooms at Westec

One of the ways that our company has grown with the customers that we serve is through our clean room capabilities. Westec has a long history of providing clean room molding. Our start in clean room molding began in 1979, with Class 8 clean room molding due to customers requiring surgical and medical parts. Not long after, using our Class 8 clean room, Westec became one of the first 3.5-inch floppy disk manufacturers in the United States.

Opportunity for Expansion

Throughout our history, Westec has remained customer-driven in everything we do. As our customers have grown and their requirements have changed, we have grown with them to provide the same level of support through our partnership. In 1997, Westec moved to our current location in Livermore, California, featuring an ISO Class 8 hard wall clean room, along with two portable ISO Class 8 clean rooms. Westec was presented with opportunities by our customers to expand our medical injection molding offerings, providing new services to better meet their requirements. After identifying the medical molding market as an area of optimistic opportunity, we began planning ways to expand our capabilities.

Our continued expansion in medical molding and value-add secondary operation services, has resulted in the additions of our class 6 secondary operations clean room, and our latest addition, our class 7 secondary operations clean room, which was completed in late 2019.

Our customers’ needs have changed a lot since the days of the 3.5-inch floppy disk’s popularity. Today, none of the customers we serve are the same, rather they are all unique, with a wide range of demands and requirements. Our customers’ medical and biotech products vary from medical disposables to pharmaceuticals devices, to DNA free test cartridges. As one of the few injection molders equipped with Class 6, 7 and 8 clean rooms in our facility, Westec provides a customizable and diverse range of capabilities for our customer base.

The Future of Clean Rooms at Westec

At Westec, we take a proactive approach in continuing to improve our process and offerings. Our goal is to always be a partner that is in alignment with our customers. Our facility allows us to provide a flexible approach to providing solutions with the ability to customize our class 6, 7 and 8 clean rooms to the specific requirements needed. As part of our proactive approach, Westec has plans to continue to expand. By the end of the month, our total facility size is scheduled to increase to 46,080 sq. ft., an addition of over 9,200 sq. ft. This expansion allows for continued expansion in clean room capabilities as we remain committed to grow and adapt with our customers in the ever-changing landscape of good manufacturing practices, cleanroom molding and emerging technology.

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