Mold Making

Plastic Molding Manufacturing

Quality Plastic Injection Molding Begins With Quality Tooling!


Our dedicated team of engineers and mold makers are skilled and experienced in the science of plastic molding manufacturing and mold design.

Plastic Injection Mold Design & DFM

Our plastic mold manufacturing process begins with a completed part design review that is optimized for moldabilty. Mold material and the number of cavities designed are based on the quantities of parts required and the time frames in which those parts are to be delivered. A thorough mold design — with customers’ approval — is completed prior to cutting steel to ensure it is correctly “Designed for Manufacturing.”

Plastic Molding Manufacturing: Fabrication

Westec customers count on our seasoned mold makers, state-of-the-art engineering CAD technology, CNC, and EDM plastic molding manufacturing expertise to fabricate and maintain their molds at very competitive prices.

We offer short turnaround times, while guaranteeing the quality and long-term reliability of any Westec Plastics mold whether it is manufactured in house or by one of our long-term overseas suppliers who have agreed to adhere to our stringent quality standards.

Plastic Mold Maintenance, Repairs & Modifications


In addition to customizing and building new molds, our in-house tool makers are capable of making mold modifications, mold repairs, and scheduled mold maintenance.

Providing these services in-house limits the amount of mold down-time — ensuring Westec Plastics is able to meet customer requirements and deadlines.