Clean Room Capabilities

Westec's Clean Rooms: ISO Class Certified

ISO Class 8 Molding Clean Room

Clean Room ISO Class: 6, 7 & 8

Equipped with Clean Room ISO Class 6, 7 and 8, Westec Plastics provides a wide range of medical injection molding solutions. Our facility gives us the ability to provide the flexibility needed to meet our customers’ unique challenges.

Westec’s Class 6 and Class 7 clean rooms are used for secondary operations, while our hard walled and two portable class 8 rooms can be used for secondary operations or molding on a larger press.

All of our clean rooms allow for equipment to be moved in and out, delivering a highly customized experience.

ISO Class 6 Secondary Operations Clean Room

Our Clean Room Facilities:

ISO Class 6 - Secondary Operations Clean Room - 248 sq ft

Features: Westec’s Class 6 clean room includes ultrasonic cleaning capabilities and Deionized water (DI), a closed loop deionized UV sterilized water system.

ISO Class 7 - Secondary Operations Clean Room - 244 sq ft

Features: Completely customizable to each program. We can perform ultrasonic welding, vibration welding, pad printing, assembly, and testing.

Our certified ISO 7 Clean Room is designed to be flexible to allow for a variation of value-add processes.

ISO Class 7 Secondary Operations Clean Room

ISO 8 - Portable Clean Rooms (2x) - 99 sq ft

Features: Mobile, portable clean rooms which can be moved and set up as required per program.

ISO 8 - Hard Wall Injection Molding Clean Room - 989 sq ft

Features: Our hard wall ISO 8 clean room contains 6 injection molding machines ranging in size from 39 ton to 143 ton. We can run in compliance to ISO 18385 - Forensic DNA Molding if required.

Dependent on the program, we also have the ability to run secondary operations in-line with molding in this clean room.

ISO Class 8 Portable Clean Room

Westec Plastics’ operators are specially trained in clean room etiquette and requirements and have the expertise and technical ability to meet the strict demands of our customers’ markets.

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